1. (science) 
One of Benjamin Franklin's most important discoveries was that lightning is a form of electricity.Uno de los descubrimientos más importantes de Benjamín Franklin fue que los rayos son una forma de electricidad.
2. (finding) 
She was stunned by the discovery that her husband had been cheating on her.El descubrimiento de que su marido le estaba poniendo el cuerno la dejó anonadada.
1. (general) 
a. el descubrimiento (M) 
to make a discoveryrealizar un descubrimiento
discovery [dɪsˈkʌvərɪ]
1 (finding) [of new country, drug, talent] descubrimiento (m)
we were told the story of his discovery of her affair I only made this discovery much later ie I only found out later she was overjoyed at the discovery that he was alive the company's assets have been frozen after the discovery of irregularities please translate if different structure
2 (thing or person found) descubrimiento (m)
the drug is a new discovery from America he is Hollywood's most exciting discovery
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