Looking for the verb to disappoint instead?
1. (discouraged) 
a. decepcionado 
The disappointed boy made a frustrated gesture.El niño decepcionado hizo un gesto de frustración.
b. desilusionado 
I'm disappointed with your test score.Estoy desilusionado con el resultado de tu examen.
c. frustrado 
The governor is disappointed that the bill did not pass. La gobernadora está frustrada que el proyecto de ley no se aprobó.
1. (person) 
a. decepcionado(a), desilusionado(a) 
2. (hope, ambition) 
a. frustrado(a) 
to be disappointedestar decepcionado(a) or desilusionado(a)
she was disappointed with the bookel libro le decepcionó
disappointed [ˌdɪsəˈpɔɪntɪd]
[+person] decepcionado; desilusionado; [+hopes] frustrado
a few disappointed children were crying
she'll be terribly disappointed when she hears the news se llevará una gran decepción or una desilusión muy grande cuando se entere de la noticia
we'll be disappointed if you don't come
she's disappointed about or at having to give up her career siente mucho tener que dejar su carrera
to be disappointed by sth estar decepcionado por algo
she was disappointed by her results in the biology exam
I'm disappointed in you me has defraudado; me has decepcionado
she gave me a disappointed look me miró decepcionada; me dirigió una mirada de decepción
I was disappointed that my mother was not there me sentí defraudada porque mi madre no estaba allí; me decepcionó (el) que mi madre no estuviera allí
to be disappointed to see/learn sth quedar decepcionado or defraudado al ver/enterarse de algo
we were disappointed not to see her sentimos mucho no verla
he was disappointed to find that the house resembled a Holiday Inn I was disappointed to learn that this successful partnership has broken up
to be disappointed with sth estar decepcionado con algo
they are disappointed with the result están decepcionados con el resultado; el resultado los ha decepcionado
we were disappointed with the book he was disappointed with her reply
if you see him on stage you won't be disappointed si lo ves actuar no te defraudará or decepcionará
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