Dirt in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. suciedad (f) (mud, dust)
  • to treat somebody like dirt tratar a alguien como a un trapo
  • dog dirt excremento (m) de perro
2. tierra (f) (soil)
  • dirt road pista (f) de tierra
3. (familiar) (scandal)
  • to dig for dirt on somebody buscar material comprometedor acerca de alguien
dirt [dɜːt]
1 (unclean matter) suciedad (f); (piece of dirt) suciedad (f); mugre (f)
to treat sb like dirt tratar a algn como si fuese basura; tratar a patadas a algn
to dig up dirt on sb sacar los trapos sucios de algn
they are trying to dig up the dirt on his past they went through all my mother's files trying to dig up some dirt on her
2 (earth) tierra (f); (mud) barro (m); lodo (m)
3 (obscenity) porquerías (f); cochinadas (informal) (f)
this book is nothing but dirt este libro está lleno de porquerías or cochinadas (informal)
dirt farmer (n) (US) pequeño granjero (m) (sin obreros)
dirt road (n) (US) camino (m) de tierra
dirt track (n) (Dep) pista (f) de ceniza; (road) camino (m) de tierra
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