1. (general) 
a. directo(a) 
the direct oppositejustamente lo contrario
to be a direct descendant of somebodyser descendiente directo(a) de alguien
to score a direct hitdar en el blanco, hacer diana
2. (electric) 
direct currentcorriente continua
3. (finance) 
direct debitdomiciliación bancaria or de pago
4. (commerce) 
direct mailpropaganda por correo, correo directo
direct marketingmarketing directo
5. (grammar) 
direct objectcomplemento or objeto directo
6. (politics) 
direct rulegobierno directo
7. (commerce) 
direct sellingventa directa
8. (grammar) 
direct speechestilo directo
9. (finance) 
direct taxationimpuestos directos
10. (travel, write) 
a. directamente 
11. (broadcast) 
a. en directo 
transitive verb
12. (remark, gaze, effort) 
a. dirigir 
can you direct me to the station?¿podría indicarme cómo llegar a la estación?
13. (company, traffic, film) 
a. dirigir 
14. (instruct) 
to direct somebody to do somethingmandar or indicar a alguien que haga algo
as directedsegún las instrucciones
direct [daɪˈrekt]
1 (without detour) [+route, train, flight] directo
2 (immediate) [+cause, result] directo; [+contact, control, responsibility, descendant] directo
"keep away from direct heat" "no exponer directamente al calor"
this is the direct result of your incompetence this has a direct bearing on the subject we are discussing he has no direct experience of managing a budget
to make a direct hit dar en el blanco; he's the direct opposite es exactamente el contrario
3 (straightforward, not evasive) [+answer, refusal] claro; inequívoco; [+manner, character] abierto; franco
1 (straight) [+go, fly, pay] directamente
we fly direct to Santiago volamos directo or directamente a Santiago
she went home direct from the office the money will be paid direct to your bank can you dial direct from here?
2 (frankly) con franqueza; sin rodeos
transitive verb
1 (aim) [+remark, gaze, attention] dirigir;at, to a
that comment was not directed at you
2 (give directions to)
can you direct me to the station? ¿me puede indicar cómo llegar a la estación?
3 (control) [+traffic, play, film] dirigir
4 (instruct)
to direct sb to do sth mandar a algn hacer algo; to direct that ... mandar que ...
direct access (n) (Comput) acceso (m) directo
direct action (n) acción (f) directa
direct advertising (n) publicidad (f) directa
direct cost (n) costo (m) directo
direct current (n) (Electricity and Electronics) corriente (f) continua
direct debit (n) pago (m) a la orden
direct debiting (n) domiciliación (f) (de pagos)
direct dialling (n) servicio (m) (telefónico) automático; discado (m) directo; (LAm)
direct free kick (n) golpe (m) libre directo
direct grant school (n) (Britain) escuela (f) subvencionada
direct mail (n) publicidad (f) por correo; correspondencia (f) directa
a direct mail company ...the growth of the free gift offer, usually promoted by direct mail the company uses nationwide direct mail campaigns
direct mail shot (n) (Britain) campaña (f) publicitaria por correo; mailing (m)
direct marketing (n) márketing (m) directo
direct object (n) (Gram) complemento (m) directo
direct rule (n) gobierno (m) directo
direct selling (n) ventas (f) directas
direct speech (n) (Ling) estilo (m) directo
direct tax (n) impuesto (m) directo
direct taxation (n) tributación (f) directa
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