diputado, -a
masculine or feminine noun
1. ≅ Member of Parliament, MP (British), ≅ representative (United States)
  • diputado, -a por Cádiz -> ≅ MP for Cadiz (British), ≅ representative for Cadiz (United States)

diputado [de-poo-tah’-do]
1. Deputy, one appointed or elected to act for another, a representative, delegate. (m)
  • Diputado a Cortes -> parliamentary deputy
2. Assignee. (Commerce) (m)
  • Diputado -> da, pp

diputadoa diputada
1 (delegado) delegate
2 (Política) member of parliament; representative; (EEUU)
el diputado por Guadalajara the member for Guadalajara
diputado/a a Cortes (España) member of the Spanish Cortes
diputado/a provincial member of a county council; member of a county commission
note See culture box in entry congreso.

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