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1. comida (f) almuerzo (m) (midday meal); cena (f) (evening meal)
  • to have dinner comer, almorzar; (at midday) cenar (in evening)
  • what's for dinner? ¿qué hay de comida?; (midday meal) ¿qué hay de cena? (evening meal)
  • dinner hour hora (f) de comer (at school)
  • dinner jacket esmoquin (m)
  • dinner lady camarera (f) , mesera (f) (Am), moza (f) (RP)
  • dinner party (en un comedor escolar) cena (f)
  • dinner service (en casa con invitados) vajilla (f)
  • dinner time hora (f) de comer; (midday meal) hora (f) de cenar (evening meal)
dinner [ˈdɪnəʳ]
(evening meal) cena (f); (lunch) almuerzo (m); comida (f); lonche (m); (Méx) (banquet) cena (f) de gala
to have dinner (in the evening) cenar; (at midday) almorzar; comer; can you come to dinner? ¿puedes venir a cenar?
I've asked them to dinner
we're having people to dinner tenemos invitados para or a cenar; to go out to dinner salir a cenar (fuera); we sat down to dinner at 10.30 nos sentamos a cenar a las 10.30
dinner bell (n) campana (f) de la cena
dinner dance (n) cena (f) seguida de baile
dinner duty (n) (Educ) supervisión (f) de comedor
to be on dinner duty
dinner jacket (n) esmoquin (m); smoking (m)
dinner knife (n) cuchillo (m) grande
dinner lady (n) empleada que da el servicio de comidas en las escuelas
dinner party (n) cena (f) con invitados; (con invitados)
dinner plate (n) plato (m) llano
dinner roll (n) panecillo (m)
dinner service (n) vajilla (f)
dinner table (n) mesa (f) de comedor
dinner time (n) hora (f) de cenar/comer
dinner trolley dinner wagon (n) carrito (m) de la comida
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