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1. difficult (complicado)
  • va a ser difícil encontrar un sitio abierto a estas horas -> it's going to be difficult o hard to find anywhere that's open at this time
  • difícil de hacer -> difficult to do
  • se me hace difícil acostumbrarme a madrugar -> I can't get used to getting up early
  • no me lo pongas difícil -> don't make things difficult o hard for me
  • tiene muy difícil encontrar trabajo -> it's very difficult o hard for him to find work
2. unlikely (improbable)
  • es difícil que ganen -> they are unlikely to win
3. difficult, awkward (rebelde)
  • es un niño muy difícil -> he's a very awkward o difficult child
  • tener un carácter difícil -> to be an awkward person, to be difficult to get on with

difícil [de-fee’-theel]
1. Difficult, arduous, hard, laborious.
  • Difícil de vencer, hard to beat. Creo que lo tiene difícil, -> think he’s got a tough job on
  • Es un hombre difícil -> he is a difficult man
2. Unlikely.
  • Es difícil que ->
3. Odd, ugly (cara).
., it is unlikely that....

1 (complicado) [+problema] difficult; [+tiempos, vida] difficult; hard; [+situación] difficult; delicate
es difícil de hacer it's difficult o hard to do; es difícil que venga he is unlikely to come; me resulta muy difícil decidir I find it very hard to decide; I have great difficulty in deciding; creo que lo tiene difícil I think he's going to find it difficult
2 [+persona] difficult
es un hombre difícil he's a difficult man to get on with; un niño difícil a difficult child
3 [+cara] ugly

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