1. (habitual food) 
a. la dieta (F) 
2. (restricted food) 
a. el dieta f, régimen (M) 
to be/go on a dietestar/ponerse a dieta or régimen
intransitive verb
3. (general) 
a. hacer dieta or régimen 
4. (low-calorie) 
a. light, bajo(a) en calorías 
diet [ˈdaɪət]
1 (customary food) dieta (f); alimentación (f)
the parrot lives on a diet of sunflower seed and fruit he seems to exist on a diet of crisps and chocolate these children are brought up on a diet of videos and computer games
2 (slimming diet) régimen (m); dieta (f)
to be/go on a diet estar/ponerse a régimen or dieta; to put sb on a diet poner a algn a régimen or dieta
intransitive verb
estar a régimen
[+soft drink] light
diet [ˈdaɪət]
(Pol) dieta (f)
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