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diestro, -a
1. right (mano derecha); right-handed (persona)
  • a diestro, -a y siniestro left, right and center, all over the place (peninsular Spanish)
2. skillful (hábil)(en at)
masculine noun
3. matador (bullfighting)
1 (derecho) right
a diestro y siniestro left, right and centre
repartir golpes a diestro y siniestro to throw out punches left, right and centre
2 (hábil) skilful; skillful; (EEUU) (con las manos) handy
3 (astuto) shrewd; sly
1 (Taur) matador
2 (espadachín) expert swordsman; (en esgrima) expert fencer
3 (correa) bridle
4 (Dep) right-hander
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