Device in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. aparato (m) (for measuring, processing, cutting); dispositivo (m) (for safety, security)
  • an explosive device un artefacto explosivo
2. estratagema (f) (method, scheme)
  • to leave somebody to his own devices dejar a alguien que se las arregle solo(a)
device [dɪˈvaɪs]
1 (gadget) aparato (m); (mechanism) mecanismo (m); dispositivo (m); (explosive) artefacto (m)
nuclear device ingenio (m) nuclear
2 (scheme) estratagema (f); recurso (m)
to leave sb to his own devices dejar a algn hacer lo que le dé la gana; (to solve problem) dejar que algn se las arregle solo
3 (emblem) emblema (m); (motto) lema (m)
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