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transitive verb
1. to stop (parar)
  • consiguieron detener la hemorragia they managed to stop the bleeding
  • estaba decidido, nada podía detenerlo he had made up his mind, nothing could stop him
2. to arrest (arrestar)
3. to keep, to delay (entretener)
pronominal verb
1. to stop (pararse)
  • detenerse a hacer algo to stop to do something
  • se detuvo a hablar con una amiga y llegó tarde she stopped to talk to a friend and was late
2. to hang about, to linger (demorarse)
  • no te detengas tanto con la presentación y ve al grano don't spend so much time on the presentation and get to the point
transitive verb
1 (parar) to stop
me detuvo en la calle he stopped me in the street
2 (retrasar) to hold up; delay
detener el progreso de algo to hold up the progress of sth; no quiero detenerlo I don't want to keep o delay you
3 (retener) [+objeto] to keep
4 (Jur) (arrestar) to arrest; (encarcelar) to detain
pronominal verb
1 (pararse) to stop
¡no te detengas! don't hang about!; se detuvo a mirarlo he stopped to look at it
2 (demorarse) to waste time;en on
se detiene mucho en eso he's taking a long time over that
no voy a detenerme en dar los detalles se detuvo en comentarios que no interesaban a nadie no te detengas en la presentación, ve directamente al grano
Verb Conjugations for detener
Gerund: deteniendo
Participle: detenido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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