1. (formal) (removed from duty) 
a. dismissed 
El director técnico destituido va a recibir una indemnización de tres millones de dólares.The dismissed manager will receive a three million-dollar payoff.
2. (formal) (removed from power) 
a. ousted 
Poco después, el dictador destituido murió en el exilio.Not long after, the ousted dictator died in exile.
3. (formal) (old-fashioned) (divested; used with "de") 
Me alegro de que este señor vaya a ser destituido de sus privilegios.I'm glad this gentleman is to be deprived of his privileges.
masculine or feminine noun
4. (formal) (person who has been removed from duty) 
El destituido tiene derecho a apelar.The dismissed person has a right to appeal.
Todos los destituidos eran miembros de un grupo clandestino.All the people who were dismissed were members of a clandestine group.
Hay que explicar a los destituidos por qué tomamos esta decisión.We need to explain to those who've been dismissed why we took this decision.
destituido de algo devoid of sth; bereft of sth
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