"destapa" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to open (caja, botella); to take the lid off (olla)
2. to unblock (oídos)
3. to uncover (descubrir)
pronomial verb
1. to lose the covers (desabrigarse)
  • el bebé se destapa por las noches -> the baby kicks the blankets off at night
2. to become unblocked (oídos)
3. to open up (revelarse)
  • al final se destapó el escándalo -> in the end the scandal came to light

destapar [des-tah-par’]
article & verb transitive
1. To uncover.
verb reflexive
2. To be uncovered.
3. To cause surprise, to do something unexpected. (Figurative)
4. To speak frankly, to come into the open. (Figurative)
5. To lose control.

1 (descubrir) [+mueble] to uncover; [+botella] (gen) to open; (con corcho) to uncork; [+recipiente] to take the lid off
2 (en la cama) to take the bedclothes off
lo destapó she took the covers off him
3 (hacer público) [+secreto] to reveal; [+escándalo] to uncover
4 (Latinoamérica) (desatascar) to unblock
1 (descubrirse) to get uncovered
el niño se ha destapado the bedclothes have fallen off the baby
2 (revelarse) to show one's true character
se destapó metiéndose a monja she astounded everyone by becoming a nun
3 (desahogarse) to open one's heart;con to
4 (perder los estribos) to let fly; lose control

Verb Conjugations for "destapar" (go to to uncover, to reveal)


yo destapo destapé destapaba destaparía destaparé
destapas destapaste destapabas destaparías destaparás
él/ella/Ud. destapa destapó destapaba destaparía destapará
nosotros destapamos destapamos destapábamos destaparíamos destaparemos
vosotros destapáis destapasteis destapabais destaparíais destaparéis
ellos/ellas/Uds. destapan destaparon destapaban destaparían destaparán
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