"destacan" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to emphasize, to highlight (poner de relieve)
  • cabe destacar que… -> it is important to point out that…
  • hay que destacar el trabajo de los actores -> the acting deserves special mention
2. to station (tropas); to assign, to send (corresponsal)
intransitive verb
3. to stand out (sobresalir)
  • destaca entre sus otras novelas por su humor -> it stands out among her other novels for o because of its humor
pronomial verb
1. to stand out (de/por from/because of)
  • el actor se destacó por sus dotes de cómico -> the actor was outstanding in comic roles

destacar [des-tah-car’]
article & verb transitive
1. To detach a body of troops from the main army on some particular service.
2. To make stand out; (fig.) To emphasize, to show up, to point up, to bring out.
  • Quiero destacar que ->
verb reflexive
3. To stand out.
  • Destacarse en -> to stand out against
., I wish to emphasize that...

1 (hacer resaltar) to emphasize
poner de relieve
sirve para destacar su belleza it serves to show off her beauty; quiero destacar que ... I wish to emphasize that ...
2 (Mil) to detach; detail
3 (Informática) to highlight
1 (verse mejor) to stand out
destacarse contra o en o sobre algo to stand out o be outlined against sth; la torre se destaca contra el cielo the tower is silhouetted against the sky
2 [+persona] to stand out;por because of

Verb Conjugations for "destacar" (go to to emphasize, to highlight)


yo destaco destaqué destacaba destacaría destacaré
destacas destacaste destacabas destacarías destacarás
él/ella/Ud. destaca destacó destacaba destacaría destacará
nosotros destacamos destacamos destacábamos destacaríamos destacaremos
vosotros destacáis destacasteis destacabais destacaríais destacaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. destacan destacaron destacaban destacarían destacarán
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