1. (not ready) 
Si no quieres que la lluvia te agarre desprevenido, llévate el paraguas.If you don't want to be unprepared for the storm, take an umbrella.
b. unready 
Carlos me pasó el balón, pero yo estaba desprevenido y me dio en la cara.Carlos passed me the ball, but I was unready and it hit me in the face.
c. by surprise (usually used with the verb "catch") 
La tormenta de arena pilló a los viajeros desprevenidos y tuvieron que buscar refugio.The sandstorm caught the travelers by surprise and they had to find shelter.
d. off guard (usually used with the verb "catch") 
Javier me cogió desprevenida y me asustó.Javier caught me off guard and scared me.
e. unawares (usually used with the verb "catch") 
El enemigo cogió desprevenidos a los soldados franceses.The French soldiers were caught unawares by the enemy.
1. (general) 
a. unprepared 
pillar desprevenido a alguiento catch somebody unawares, to take somebody by surprise
(no preparado) unready; unprepared
coger o pillar o agarrar a algn desprevenido (Latinoamérica) to catch sb unawares; catch sb off his guard
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