"despedir" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to say goodbye to (decir adiós)
  • nos despidió con la mano -> he waved goodbye to us
  • fuimos a despedirle a la estación -> we went to see him off at the station
2. to make redundant, to lay off (de un empleo) (por cierre, reducción de plantilla) ; to sack, to fire (por razones disciplinarias)
3. to fling (lanzar, arrojar)
  • salir despedido de/por/hacia algo -> to fly out of/through/toward something
4. to give off (difundir, desprender)
  • despide un olor insoportable -> it gives off an unbearable smell
pronomial verb
1. to say goodbye (decir adiós) (de to)
  • se despidieron con un beso -> they kissed each other goodbye
  • se despide atentamente -> yours sincerely/faithfully (en carta)
  • si no apruebas, ya puedes despedirte de la moto -> if you don't pass, you can kiss the motorbike goodbye

despedir [des-pay-deer']
article & verb transitive
1. To emit, to discharge, to dart.
2. To dismiss from office, to discard.
3. To remove, to lay by.
4. To accompany through courtesy a departing guest.
  • Fuimos a despedirle a la estación -> we went to see him off at the station
5. To diffuse, disperse odour, rays of light, etc. Despedir la vida, to die.
verb reflexive
6. To take leave, to say, some expression of courtesy.
  • Se despidieron -> they said goodbye to each other
7. To renounce something temporarily or perpetually.
8. To go out from service, to leave one’s occupation.

1 (decir adiós a) (gen) to say goodbye to; [+visita] to see out; [+cliente] to show out
fuimos a despedirlo a la estación we went to see him off at the station; ¿cómo vais a despedir el año? how are you going to see the new year in?
2 (librarse de) [+empleado] to dismiss; sack (familiar); [+inquilino] to evict
despedir algo de sí to get rid of sth; despedir un pensamiento de sí to put a thought out of one's mind
3 (lanzar) [+objeto] to hurl; fling; [+flecha] to fire; [+jinete] to throw
salir despedido to fly off (familiar)
despedir el espíritu to give up the ghost
4 (desprender) [+olor, calor] to give off
1 (decir adiós) to say goodbye; take one's leave (formal)
se despidieron they said goodbye to each other; despedirse de algn (gen) to say goodbye to sb; take one's leave of sb (formal); (en estación, aeropuerto) to see sb off; ¡ya puedes despedirte de ese dinero! you can say o kiss goodbye to that money!; se despide atentamente yours sincerely; sincerely yours; (EEUU) yours faithfully
2 (dejar un empleo) to give up one's job

Verb Conjugations for "despedir" (go to to say goodbye; to dismiss, to get rid of)


yo despido despedí despedía despediría despediré
despides despediste despedías despedirías despedirás
él/ella/Ud. despide despidió despedía despediría despedirá
nosotros despedimos despedimos despedíamos despediríamos despediremos
vosotros despedís despedisteis despedíais despediríais despediréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. despiden despidieron despedían despedirían despedirán
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