Desert in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. desierto (m)
  • desert island isla (f) desierta
transitive verb
1. abandonar (place, family)
  • his courage deserted him (sentido figurado) el valor le abandonó
intransitive verb
2. desertar (from army)
desert [ˈdezət]
desierto (m)
[+climate, region] desértico; [+tribe, people] del desierto
desert boots (n) botines (m) de ante
desert island (n) isla (f) desierta
desert rat (n) (Mil) rata (f) del desierto
desert [dɪˈzɜːt]
transitive verb
(Mil) (Jur) etc desertar de; [+person] abandonar
his courage deserted him su valor le abandonó or se esfumó
intransitive verb
(Mil) desertar;from de;to a;
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