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transitive verb
1. to rot (pudrir) (fruta); to decompose (cadáver)
  • la humedad descompone ciertos alimentos dampness makes some foods rot
2. to break down (dividir)
  • descomponer algo en to break something down into
3. to mess up (desordenar)
4. to damage, to break (estropear)
  • la cena le descompuso el vientre the dinner gave him an upset stomach
  • creo que comí algo que me descompuso (el cuerpo) I think I ate something that didn't agree with me
5. to annoy (enojar)
pronominal verb
1. to rot (pudrirse) (fruta); to decompose (cadáver)
2. (turbarse, alterarse)
  • se le descompuso el rostro he looked distraught
3. to get (visibly) annoyed (irritarse)
4. to break down (averiarse)
5. (estómago)
  • se me descompuso el estómago I had a stomach upset
descomponerdescompuesto (participio_de_pasado)
transitive verb
1 (dividir) [+palabra, frase] to break down; break up
descomponer una palabra en sílabas descomponer una frase en sintagmas
[+sustancia, molécula, número] to break down
descomponer un número en factores primos descompuso la película en fotogramas
[+luz] to break up; split up
descomponer la luz blanca en colores
tienes que descomponer el informe en partes you have to break down the report into separate parts
2 (pudrir) [+alimento] to rot; [+cadáver, cuerpo] to decompose
el calor descompuso los alimentos el calor del verano descompuso el cuerpo rápidamente
3 (alterar)
la mala noticia lo descompuso the bad news really shook him; me descompone tanto desorden all this mess really gets to me (familiar) o irritates me; las especias me descomponen el vientre spicy food gives me diarrhoea o diarrhea; (EEUU)
4 (romper) to break
5 [+peinado] to disturb; disarrange; [+planes] to upset; disrupt
pronominal verb
1 (pudrirse) to decompose; rot
2 (alterarse)
me descompongo cuando la gente llega tarde
me descompongo con tanto ruido all this noise gets to me (familiar) o irritates me; se le descompuso el cuerpo del frío the cold made her feel unwell; se me descompuso el vientre I had an attack of diarrhoea o diarrhea; (EEUU) se le descompuso la cara cuando se lo dije her face fell when I told her
3 (S. Cone) (vomitar) to be sick; (llorar) to break down
4 especialmente (México) (romperse) to break down
descomponerse el brazo (And) to put one's arm out of joint
Verb Conjugations for descomponer
Gerund: descomponiendo
Participle: descompuesto
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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