"descomponer" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to rot (pudrir) (fruta); to decompose (cadáver)
  • la humedad descompone ciertos alimentos -> dampness makes some foods rot
2. to break down (dividir)
  • descomponer algo en -> to break something down into
3. to mess up (desordenar)
4. to damage, to break (estropear)
  • la cena le descompuso el vientre -> the dinner gave him an upset stomach
  • creo que comí algo que me descompuso (el cuerpo) -> I think I ate something that didn't agree with me
5. to annoy (enojar)
pronomial verb
1. to rot (pudrirse) (fruta); to decompose (cadáver)
2. (turbarse, alterarse)
  • se le descompuso el rostro -> he looked distraught
3. to get (visibly) annoyed (irritarse)
4. to break down (averiarse)
5. (estómago)
  • se me descompuso el estómago -> I had a stomach upset

descomponer [des-com-po-nerr’]
article & verb transitive
1. To discompose, to alter the order or composition of a thing.
  • Descomponer el peinado a una -> to mess up somebody’s hair
2. To discompose, to destroy harmony and friendship, to set at odds, to disconcert.
3. To decompound.
4. To decompose bodies. (Chemistry)
verb reflexive
5. To be out of temper, to transgress the rules of modesty and good behavior.
  • Descomponerse con uno -> to fall out with somebody
6. To be indisposed or out of order.
7. To change for the worse (tiempo).
8. Se le descompuso la cara, her face fell.

descomponerdescompuesto (participio_de_pasado)
1 (dividir) [+palabra, frase] to break down; break up
descomponer una palabra en sílabas descomponer una frase en sintagmas
[+sustancia, molécula, número] to break down
descomponer un número en factores primos descompuso la película en fotogramas
[+luz] to break up; split up
descomponer la luz blanca en colores
tienes que descomponer el informe en partes you have to break down the report into separate parts
2 (pudrir) [+alimento] to rot; [+cadáver, cuerpo] to decompose
el calor descompuso los alimentos el calor del verano descompuso el cuerpo rápidamente
3 (alterar)
la mala noticia lo descompuso the bad news really shook him; me descompone tanto desorden all this mess really gets to me (familiar) o irritates me; las especias me descomponen el vientre spicy food gives me diarrhoea o diarrhea; (EEUU)
4 (romper) to break
5 [+peinado] to disturb; disarrange; [+planes] to upset; disrupt
1 (pudrirse) to decompose; rot
2 (alterarse)
me descompongo cuando la gente llega tarde
me descompongo con tanto ruido all this noise gets to me (familiar) o irritates me; se le descompuso el cuerpo del frío the cold made her feel unwell; se me descompuso el vientre I had an attack of diarrhoea o diarrhea; (EEUU) se le descompuso la cara cuando se lo dije her face fell when I told her
3 (S. Cone) (vomitar) to be sick; (llorar) to break down
4 especialmente (México) (romperse) to break down
descomponerse el brazo (And) to put one's arm out of joint

Verb Conjugations for "descomponer" (go to to break down; to rot; to disturb, to upset)


yo descompongo descompuse descomponía descompondría descompondré
descompones descompusiste descomponías descompondrías descompondrás
él/ella/Ud. descompone descompuso descomponía descompondría descompondrá
nosotros descomponemos descompusimos descomponíamos descompondríamos descompondremos
vosotros descomponéis descompusisteis descomponíais descompondríais descompondréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. descomponen descompusieron descomponían descompondrían descompondrán
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