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to rest

"descansan" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to rest, to lie (reposar)
  • descansó la cabeza en mi hombro -> he laid o rested his head on my shoulder
2. to rest (relajar)
  • dormir descansa la vista -> sleep gives your eyes o eyesight a rest
intransitive verb
3. to rest (reposar)
  • descansó un rato antes de seguir -> he rested for a while before continuing
  • después de tanto trabajo necesito descansar -> I need a rest after all that work
  • ¿paramos a o para descansar? -> how about stopping for a rest?
  • necesitas descansar de tantas preocupaciones -> you need a break from all these worries
  • descansaremos en una hora -> we'll take a break in an hour
  • llevo cuatro horas trabajando sin descansar -> I've been working for four hours non-stop o without a break
4. to sleep (dormir)
  • ¡que descanses! -> sleep well!
5. to lie (estar enterrado)
  • que en paz descanse -> may he/she rest in peace
6. (viga, teoría)
  • descansar en -> to rest on
7. (military)
  • ¡descanso! -> at ease!

descansar [des-can-sar’]
verb neuter
1. To rest from labor and fatigue, to recover strength by repose. (n)
  • Necesito descansar un rato -> I need to rest a bit
  • Podemos descansar aquí -> we can rest here
2. To have some relief from cares, to give respite (said of evils). (n)
3. To rest, to lean upon, as a joist does upon a beam. (n)
4. To rest, to be satisfied, to trust or place confidence in the power, kindness, activity, etc., of another. (n)
5. To repose, to sleep. (n)
  • El enfermo ha descansado dos horas -> the patient has slept two hours
  • Descansar las tierras -> to lie at rest (tierras)
6. To repose in the sepulchre. (n)
article & verb transitive
7. To aid or alleviate another in labor or fatigue.
  • Esto descansa la vista más -> this rests one’s eyes better
8. To help.
verb reflexive
  • Descansarse en uno -> to rely on somebody

1 (reposar) to rest; have a rest
siéntate aquí y descansa sit down here and have a rest; sit down here and rest; paramos en un bar a o para descansar we stopped at a bar for a rest o to have a rest; necesito descansar para despejarme I need (to have) a rest to clear my head; no descansé en todo el día I didn't have a moment's rest all day; nadé diez largos sin descansar I swam ten lengths without a rest o break; no descansará hasta conseguir que dimita el presidente he will not rest until he gets the president to resign
cuando termine los exámenes, descansaré
va al campo a descansar de las preocupaciones she goes to the country to get away from o get a break from her worries
2 (dormir)
a medianoche, se retiraron a descansar at midnight they retired (to bed); ¡hasta mañana! ¡que descanses! see you in the morning! sleep well!
descansar sobre algo [+cúpula, tejado] to be supported by sth; rest on sth; [+argumento, tesis] to be based on sth
la bóveda descansa sobre cuatro columnas su argumento descansa sobre una premisa falsa
4 (estar enterrado)
aquí descansan los restos mortales de José Fernández here lie the mortal remains of José Fernández; tu tío, que en paz descanse your uncle, may he rest in peace; descanse en paz rest in peace
5 (Mil)
¡descansen! at ease!; stand at ease!
6 (Agr) [+terreno, parcela] to rest; lie fallow
1 (apoyar) to rest
si te duele, descansa el brazo en la mesa
dejé de leer para descansar la vista I stopped reading to rest my eyes
2 (Mil)
¡descansen armas! order arms!

Verb Conjugations for "descansar" (go to to rest)


yo descanso descansé descansaba descansaría descansaré
descansas descansaste descansabas descansarías descansarás
él/ella/Ud. descansa descansó descansaba descansaría descansará
nosotros descansamos descansamos descansábamos descansaríamos descansaremos
vosotros descansáis descansasteis descansabais descansaríais descansaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. descansan descansaron descansaban descansarían descansarán
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