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1. (lost)
a. missing
Ya pasaron seis meses y nadie sabe nada del niño desaparecido.It's been six months, and nobody has seen or heard of the missing boy.
2. (dead)
a. late
La desaparecida multimillonaria le dejó su herencia entera a su perro.The late billionaire left her entire estate to her dog.
feminine or masculine noun
3. (lost person)
a. missing person
La policía está verificando si la víctima no identificada figura en desaparecidos.The police is checking if the unidentified victim is listed as a missing person.
desaparecido, -a
1. missing (extraviado)
2. (ya no existente)
  • el desaparecido, -a John Lennon the late John Lennon
  • la desaparecida Sociedad de Naciones the now defunct League of Nations
masculine or feminine noun
3. missing person
  • ha habido veinte muertos y tres desaparecidos twenty people have been killed and three are missing
desaparecidoa desaparecida
[+persona, objeto] missing; [+especie] extinct; (Latinoamérica) (Política) missing
el libro desaparecido the missing book; tres continúan desaparecidos three are still missing; uno de los animales desaparecidos one of the extinct animals; desaparecido en combate missing in action; MIA
Dijo que esperaba solucionar con EE.UU el conflicto sobre los [desaparecidos en combate] durante la guerra de Indochina en el período entre 1960 y 1970.
(Latinoamérica) (Política) missing person
los desaparecidos missing persons
; (p)
número de muertos, heridos y desaparecidos number of dead, wounded and missing
Los desaparecidos is the name given to those who disappeared during the military dictatorships in the Southern Cone in the 1970s. Thousands of people were taken from their homes, schools and places of work and never seen again. Few of "the disappeared" were ever found alive, although a certain number of bodies were recovered in mass graves. Families of the victims joined forces to form pressure groups like Argentina's Madres y Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo, but although some managed to identify and recover the bodies of their relatives, the perpetrators were rarely brought to justice.
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