pronominal verb
1. (to confess) 
a. to pour one's heart out 
Me desahogo escribiendo canciones.I write songs to pour my heart out.
b. to get it off one's chest 
Cuéntame lo que sucede. Pon la cabeza sobre mi hombro y desahógate.Tell me what's wrong. Put your head on my shoulder and get it off your chest.
c. to let off steam (colloquial) 
Tras la pelea con mis padres, llamé a mi mejor amiga para desahogarme.After the argument with my parents, I called my best friend to let off steam.
2. (finance) 
a. to get out of 
No pudo desahogarse de sus deudas y quedó en bancarrota.He couldn't get out of debt and went into bankruptcy.
b. to liberate oneself 
No tiene el dinero para desahogarse de sus deudas.She doesn't have the money to liberate herself from debt.
transitive verb
3. (to let out) 
a. to vent 
Mi novia desahogó sus sentimientos conmigo.My girlfriend vented her feelings on me.
b. to give vent to 
Hablamos y desahogó sus frustraciones.We talked and he gave vent to his frustrations.
4. (to alleviate) 
a. to relieve 
Llorar la ayudó a desahogar su pena.Crying helped her to relieve her sorrow.
b. to ease 
Pidió ayuda para desahogar la carga de la responsabilidad.She asked for help to ease the burden of responsibility.
pronominal verb
1. (contar penas) 
desahogarse con alguiento pour out one's woes o to tell one's troubles to somebody
transitive verb
2. (ira) 
a. to vent 
3. (pena) 
a. to relieve, to ease 
transitive verb
1 (manifestar) [+ira] to vent;en on
desahogó sus penas she unburdened herself of her woes
2 [+persona] to console
pronominal verb
1 (desfogarse) to let off steam (familiar)
me desahogué diciéndole todo lo que pensaba I got it out of my system by telling him everything I thought
2 (confesarse) to get it off one's chest (familiar)
desahogarse con algn to pour one's heart out to sb
3 (librarse) (de deuda) to get out of
desahogarse de un problema to get out of a difficulty
Verb Conjugations for desahogar
Gerund: desahogando
Participle: desahogado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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