masculine noun
1. lack of respect (falta de respeto)(a for), disrespect (a for)
2. contempt of court (law) (al juez, tribunal)
  • desacato a la autoridad -> = refusal to obey an offical

desacato [des-ah-cah’-to]
1. Disrespect, incivility, want of reverence. (m)
2. Desecration, profanation, dishonor. (m)
  • Desacato de la autoridad -> contempt

1 (desobediencia) (a la norma) failure to comply;a with; (a la autoridad) disrespect;a for;
2 (Jur) contempt; act of contempt
desacato a la autoridad desacato a la justicia desacato al tribunal contempt of court

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