plural noun
1. (deepest part) 
The scientists explored the ocean's depths.Los científicos exploraron las profundidades del océano.
2. (dimension) 
He wanted a pool with more depth.Él quería una piscina con más profundidad.
3. (profound) 
The author's literary work was known for its intellectual depth.La obra literaria del autor era conocida por su profundidad intelectual.
4. (colors or feelings) 
She repainted the room because she wanted a color with more depth.Ella repintó la habitación porque quería un color con más intensidad.
5. (on a deep level) 
a. a fondo 
He was an expert among his peers given his depth of understanding on the topic.Era experto entre sus colegas dado su conocimiento a fondo del tema.
1. (of water, hole, sleep, feeling) 
a. la profundidad (F) 
in deptha fondo, en profundidad
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
she was out of her depth in her new job/in the competitionel nuevo trabajo/el campeonato le venía grande
in the depths of winteren pleno invierno
the depths of despairla más absoluta desesperación
3. (military) 
a. no direct translation 
depth chargecarga de profundidad
depth [depθ]
1 [of water, hole, shelf] profundidad (f); [of room, building] fondo (m); [of hem] ancho (m); [of colour, feelings] intensidad (f); [of voice] gravedad (f); profundidad (f)
with this equipment they can dive to great depths fill the pan with oil to a depth of two inches the apartment ran the full depth of the building from front to rear she appears insensitive to the depth of their feelings/emotion no one realized the depth of her anxiety/depression you never had the opportunity to reach the depth of feeling that can exist between father and son the depth of her fears must have honestly baffled her husband the vote has revealed the depth of feeling on this issue on the part of the population people were looking for a way to express the depth of their emotion
at a depth of three metres a tres metros de profundidad
depth of field (Fot) profundidad (f) de campo
the trench was two metres in depth la zanja tenía dos metros de profundidad
to study a subject in depth estudiar un tema a fondo or en profundidad
Chapter 7 goes into this question in depth this is a theory that will be discussed in depth in this book we have considered in depth all the options available to us
it shows a great depth of knowledge of the subject muestra un conocimiento muy profundo de la materia
we shall test your depth of knowledge on this subject Years ago, most medical students strived to become doctors of medicine. Now they become specialists, which has enhanced the depth of knowledge in specific fields they sometimes make use of glib answers in order to cover a lack of real depth of knowledge his quickness and brightness was not always supported by real depth of knowledge His tremendous breadth and depth of knowledge enabled him to extract the critical issue and themes in a subject
to get out of one's depth perder pie; meterse en honduras; salirse de su terreno
without realising how far he had swum he got out of his depth and began to struggle to keep afloat you can soon get out of your depth by jumping into a lot of commitments it turns out you can't fulfill
to be out of one's depth no tocar fondo; no hacer pie; I'm out of my depth with physics no entiendo nada de física; he felt out of his depth with these people se sentía perdido entre esta gente
he was out of his depth she knew she was totally out of her depth the job was too big for you. The first snag that came along and you were out of your depth
it is deplorable that anyone should sink to such depths es deplorable que uno pueda caer tan bajo
the depths: in the depths of the sea en las profundidades del mar; en el fondo del mar; to be in the depths of despair estar hundido en la desesperación; in the depths of winter en lo más crudo del invierno
depth charge (n) carga (f) de profundidad
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