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transitive verb
1. denegar (right, request)
  • to deny somebody his rights denegar or negar a alguien sus derechos
  • to deny oneself something privarse de algo
2. negar (accusation, fact); desmentir (rumor)
  • to deny doing something, deny having done something negar haber hecho algo
  • there's no denying that… es innegable que…
  • to deny all knowledge of something negar tener conocimiento de algo
deny [dɪˈnaɪ]
transitive verb
1 [+charge] negar; rechazar; [+report] desmentir; [+possibility, truth of statement] negar
to deny having done sth negar haber hecho algo; to deny that ... negar que ...
he denies that he said it he denies having said it niega haberlo dicho
I don't deny it no lo niego; she denied everything lo negó todo; there's no denying it no se puede negar; es innegable
2 (refuse) [+request] denegar
to deny sb sth negar algo a algn; privar a algn de algo; to deny o.s. sth privarse de algo; he was not going to be denied his revenge nada iba a impedir su venganza
3 (renounce) [+faith] renegar de
Verb Conjugations for negar
Gerund: negando
Participle: negado
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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