1. (of right, request) 
a. la denegación (F) 
2. (of accusation, guilt) 
a. la negación (F) 
3. (psychology) 
to be in denialatravesar una fase de negación or rechazo
denial [dɪˈnaɪəl]
1 [of accusation, guilt] negación (f)
he shook his head in denial negó con la cabeza; he met the accusation with a flat denial negó or desmintió rotundamente la acusación; the government issued an official denial el gobierno lo desmintió oficialmente; el gobierno emitió un desmentido oficial
2 (refusal) [of request] denegación (f); (rejection) rechazo (m); [of report, statement] desmentido (m); mentís (m)
a denial of justice una denegación de justicia
3 (self-denial) abnegación (f)
to be in denial about sth no querer reconocer algo
Since denial is a delusional thought process, to be in denial about one's addiction or its consequences is to literally be out of touch with reality it gave government an element of deniability that it was involved ...a way of preserving deniability if the president's foreign adventurism went awry
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