delicada [day-le-cah’-do, dah]
1. Delicate, sweet, pleasing, tender.
2. Weak, faint, effeminate, finical, feminine, ladylike.
3. Delicate, exquisite, nice, delicious, dainty, pleasing to the taste; of an agreeable flavor.
4. Thin, slender, subtile.
5. Nice, scrupulous, fastidious.
6. Arduous, difficult, perplexing.
7. Captious, easy of annoyance, suspicious.
  • Está delicado del estómagohe has a delicate stomach
  • Es muy delicado en el comerhe’s very choosy about food
  • Es muy delicada para la limpiezashe’s very particular about cleanliness
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