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transitive verb
1. definir (give meaning of)
2. delimitar, distinguir (delimit, identify)
define [dɪˈfaɪn]
transitive verb
1 (give definition for) definir; (characterize) caracterizar; (delimit) determinar; delimitar; (outline) destacar
she doesn't define herself as a feminist no se define como feminista; how would you define yourself politically? ¿cómo se definiría políticamente?
2 (Comput) definir
transitive verb
1. to define (explicar, precisar)
2. to describe (describir)
pronominal verb
1. to take a clear stance
  • no se definió por ninguno de los dos bandos he took neither side
  • el plan no acababa de definirse the plan had not yet taken any definite shape
transitive verb
1 [+concepto, palabra] to define
definió muy claramente el concepto
2 (calificar) to describe
definió el partido como aburrido she described the match as boring
3 (aclarar) [+actitud, posición] to define; [+contorno, silueta] to define; make sharp
nunca definió su postura respecto al problema el gobierno no ha definido sus líneas de acción
4 (establecer) [+poder, jurisdicción] to define; establish
esta ley define las competencias de cada administración this law defines o establishes the powers of each authority
5 (Informática) to define
pronominal verb
1 (calificarse) to define o.s.
se definió como liberal he defined himself as a liberal
2 (decidirse)
la comisión aún no se ha definido con respecto al tema the commission has not yet defined its position on the subject; the commission has not yet said where it stands on the subject; el gobierno se definió a favor del pacto the government came out in favour of the agreement
Verb Conjugations for definir
Gerund: definiendo
Participle: definido
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