1. (literary) 
the deeplas profundidades del mar
2. (water, sleep, thinker) 
a. profundo(a) 
to be 10 meters deeptener 10 metros de profundidad
take a deep breathrespire hondo
3. (fig) 
to be in deep waterestar en un lío
deep in debtendeudado(a) hasta el cuello
deep in thoughtensimismado(a)
in deepest sympathycon mi más sincero pésame
deep endparte f profunda
4. (fig) 
to go off the deep end (at somebody)ponerse hecho(a) un basilisco (con alguien)
5. (fig) 
she was thrown in at the deep endle hicieron empezar de golpe, sin preparación
the Deep Southla América profunda de los estados del sur
6. (color) 
a. intenso(a) 
7. (sound, voice) 
a. grave 
8. (general) 
a. profundamente 
to walk deep into the forestinternarse en el bosque
to look deep into somebody's eyesmirar a alguien fijamente a los ojos
to work deep into the nighttrabajar hasta bien entrada la noche
deep down he's very kinden el fondo, es muy amable
mistrust between the two families runs deepla desconfianza entre las dos familias está profundamente arraigada
the crowd lining the road was four deepla gente se agolpaba en cuatro filas a lo largo de la calle
deep [diːp]
deeper (comparative)deepest (superlative)
1 (extending far down) [+hole] profundo; hondo; [+cut, wound, water] profundo; [+pan, bowl, container] hondo
the water is two metres deep el agua tiene una profundidad de dos metros; they tramped through deep snow avanzaban con dificultad por una espesa capa de nieve
the deep end (of swimming pool) lo hondo; la parte honda
to be deep in snow/water estar hundido en la nieve/el agua
the pitch is deep in snow the kitchen was deep in water the floor of the abbatoir was deep in blood paths through the wood are deep in mud
he was waist-deep/thigh-deep in water el agua le llegaba a la cintura/al muslo; the van was axle-deep in mud la furgoneta estaba metida en barro hasta el eje
we were ankle-deep/knee-deep in water standing waist-deep in water Srebrenica was `knee deep in blood".
the snow lay deep había una espesa capa de nieve
a deep or deep-pile carpet una alfombra de pelo largo
a deep ravine he swore quietly, looking at the deep cut on his hand old age had etched deep lines into his face
to go off (at) the deep end enfadarse; ponerse de morros (informal)
All I did was to offer you a cigarette. There's no need to go off the deep end
I was thrown in (at) the deep end me echaron or arrojaron a los leones (informal)
sorry to throw you in at the deep end on your first day in a new job - you'll have to do the best you can I had never been to Paris before and it would be putting it mildly to say that I was thrown in at the deep end I started out with little self-confidence and built it up in the job. I believe you gain confidence by being thrown in at the deep end. Then there's no way out. You have to get on with it and produce the goods It's a superb job - you get thrown in at the deep end and it's all down to you
to be in deep water estar hasta el cuello (de problemas)
I strayed off the subject and got into deep water, way out of my depth If your partner would really be shattered if you ventured supportive criticism of his new shirt, then you are in deep water indeed
2 (extending far back) [+shelf, cupboard] hondo; [+border, hem] ancho
a cupboard a metre deep un armario de un metro de fondo; a plot 30 metres deep un terreno de 30 metros de fondo
the wardrobe was very deep
the spectators were standing six deep los espectadores estaban de pie de seis en fondo
3 (immersed)
to be deep in debt estar cargado de deudas; to be deep in thought/in a book estar sumido or absorto en sus pensamientos/en la lectura
she'd been so deep in thought that she'd walked past her car without seeing it before long we were deep in conversation
4 (low-pitched) [+voice] grave; profundo; [+note, sound] grave
there was a deep rumble, like an earthquake they heard a deep, distant roar I'm only deaf as regards deep sounds, not sharp ones I can't reach the deeper notes his voice was deep and mellow
5 (intense) [+emotion, relaxation, concern] profundo; [+recession] grave; [+sigh] profundo; hondo
to take a deep breath respirar profundamente or hondo or a pleno pulmón
the play made a deep impression on me la obra me impresionó profundamente
Peter gave him a long, deep look he took a deep breath and struggled to control his emotions he'd been in a deep depression for years he has always shown a deep interest in politics
to be in deep mourning estar de luto riguroso
A year after Michael's death, Mia was still in deep mourning Both nations were in deep mourning
she fell into a deep sleep se quedó profundamente dormida
he gave a deep sigh
they expressed their deep sorrow at her loss le expresaron su profundo pesar por la pérdida que había sufrido
to be in deep trouble estar en grandes apuros
WE all knew that the marriage was in deep trouble because of reports in the newspapers the pound is in deep trouble on the foreign exchange markets Durham were in deep trouble at 13-3 when Botham stepped into the breech
6 [+colour] intenso; subido; [+tan] intenso
the sky was deep blue and starry in the west the tree has deep green leaves
7 (profound)
it's too deep for me no lo entiendo; no alcanzo a entenderlo; they're adventure stories, they're not intended to be deep son historias de aventuras, sin intención de ir más allá
Whilst a deep thinker in quantum physics, Bell understood those who merely use quantum mechanics as a powerful tool to get physical results that's a very deep question they were having a deep discussion about politics the treatise was deep and impenetrable
8 (unfathomable) [+secret, mystery] bien guardado
he's a deep one es un misterio
it had been a deep secret for years her illicit relationship had been a deep secret at the time I knew he was sitting on some deep secret the whole thing remained a deep mystery until, years later, the book was found it was a deep shot from the halfway line he had been in the deep field all day
1 (far down)
don't go in too deep if you can't swim no te metas muy hondo si no sabes nadar; he thrust his hand deep into his pocket metió la mano hasta el fondo del bolsillo
the miners are deep underground
the company is sliding even deeper into the red la empresa está cada vez más cargada de deudas
deep in the earth's crust to [dig] deep I want you to dig deep - find out as much as you can about him people are digging deep to support their favourite charities this year he had to dig deep into his pockets to find some change
deep down he's a bit of a softie en el fondo es un poco blandengue
she might seem a bit odd, but deep down she's very kind
to go deep
his anger clearly went deep la ira le había calado muy hondo
to be in too deep
I was in far too deep to pull out now ahora estaba demasiado metido para echarme atrás
to run deep
the roots of racial prejudice run deep los prejuicios raciales están profundamente arraigados
their feelings for each other went deeper than just friendship his problems went deeper than mere teething troubles prejudice against blacks in the area ran too deep to be altered by quick action
2 (a long way inside)
deep in the forest en lo hondo or profundo del bosque
he gazed deep into her eyes la miró profundamente a los ojos
they looked deep into each other's eyes
deep in one's heart en lo más profundo del corazón
deep in the heart of the countryside en medio del campo
deep in his heart he knew she was lying
they worked deep into the night trabajaron hasta muy entrada la noche
to form up 6 deep the boxes were piled, ten deep, to the ceiling deep inside the country technology has entered deep in the habits of men to [cut] deep (into sth) to [drink] deep drink deep of the water of life villagers call eucalyptus plantation green deserts because they sap the soil of its nutrients and drink deep from the water table so nothing else can grow He drank deep and late and eventually, at about ten o'clock at night, paddled off rather unsteadily in the direction of home he lobbed from deep on the baseline he scored from deep inside the opposition's half
1 (sea)
the deep el piélago; creatures of the deep criaturas (f) de las profundidades
2 (depths)
in the deep of winter en pleno invierno
there were several players in the deep, to save fours and sixes
deep breathing (n) gimnasia (f) respiratoria; ejercicios (m) respiratorios
The movements, combined with deep breathing, provide maximum stretching and elongation of the muscles The importance of deep breathing in relaxation cannot be overstated The main benefit of deep breathing is that it can be done anywhere at any time
deep fryer (n) freidora (f)
heat oil in a wok or a deep fryer and fry nuts in two batches Fried chicken is tasty and easy for restaurant owners to prepare quickly (especially with today's sophisticated, computer-controlled deep fryers)
the Deep South (n) (US) los estados del sureste de EE.UU.
deep space (n) espacio (m) interplanetario
...the first manned flight into deep space
deep structure (n) (Ling) estructura (f) profunda
deep vein thrombosis (n) trombosis (f) venosa profunda
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