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1. declive (m) (of person, empire); descenso (m) disminución (f) (decrease, reduction)
  • to go into decline decaer, debilitarse
  • to be on the decline estar en declive
transitive verb
2. declinar (offer, invitation)
  • to decline to do something declinar hacer algo
3. declinar (gramática)
intransitive verb
4. rehusar (refuse)
5. declinar (health, influence)
  • to decline in importance perder importancia
decline [dɪˈklaɪn]
1 (decrease) (in numbers, sales) descenso (m); disminución (f);in de; (in support, interest) disminución (f)
to be on the decline ir disminuyendo
2 (deterioration) decadencia (f); declive (m); deterioro (m); (in standards) descenso (m); declive (m); (Med) debilitamiento (m)
the decline of the Roman Empire la decadencia del Imperio Romano; to fall into decline [+industry, town] entrar en decadencia; entrar en declive; to go into a decline (Med) ir debilitándose
transitive verb
1 (refuse) rehusar; rechazar; declinar (formal)
to decline to do sth rehusar hacer algo; declinar hacer algo (formal)
2 (Ling) declinar
intransitive verb
1 (decrease) [+power, influence] disminuir; (deteriorate) decaer; (in health) debilitarse; decaer
to decline in importance ir perdiendo importancia
2 (refuse) negarse; rehusar
3 (Ling) declinarse


transitive verb
1. to decline (gen) & (grammar); to disclaim (responsabilidad)
  • declinó amablemente la invitación he politely declined the invitation
intransitive verb
2. to draw to a close (día, tarde); to subside, to abate (fiebre); to decline (economía)
  • su interés por la caza ha declinado his interest in hunting has declined
transitive verb
1 (rechazar) [+honor, invitación] to decline; (Jur) to reject
declinamos cualquier responsabilidad we cannot accept responsibility; declinar hacer algo to decline to do sth
2 (Lingüística) to decline
intransitive verb
1 (decaer) to decline; decay
2 [+día] to draw to a close
3 [+terreno] to slope (away o down)
4 (Lingüística) to decline
Verb Conjugations for declinar
Gerund: declinando
Participle: declinado
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