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sustantivo [dek]
1. cubierta (f) (of ship)
  • on deck en cubierta
  • deck chair tumbona (f) , hamaca (f)
  • top/bottom deck piso (m) de arriba/abajo (of bus)
  • cassette or tape deck pletina (f)
  • deck of cards baraja (f)
transitive verb
  • to deck oneself out in something engalanarse con algo
deck [dek]
1 (Náut) cubierta (f)
to go up on deck subir a la cubierta; below deck bajo cubierta
2 (wooden flooring) suelo (m) de madera
3 [of bus] piso (m)
top or upper deck piso (m) de arriba; bottom or lower deck piso (m) de abajo
4 especially (US) [of cards] baraja (f)
5 (also record deck) tocadiscos (m);(also cassette deck) pletina (f)
6 (US) (Drugs) saquito (m) de heroína
to clear the decks despejar el terreno
to hit the deck caer al suelo
he hit the deck
transitive verb
1 (also deck out) [+room] adornar; engalanar;with con; [+person] ataviar; engalanar;with con
all decked out [+room] adornado; todo engalanado; [+person] de punta en blanco
2 (knock down) derribar de un golpe
deck cabin (n) cabina (f) de cubierta
deck cargo (n) carga (f) de cubierta
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