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1. querido(a) (loved)
  • to hold something/somebody dear apreciar mucho algo/a alguien
  • a dear friend un amigo muy querido
  • my dearest wish is that… mi mayor deseo es que…
  • a place dear to the hearts of… un lugar muy querido para…
  • to run for dear life (familiar) correr desesperadamente
2. (in letter)
  • dear Sir Muy Sr. mío
  • dear Madam Muy Sra. mía
  • dear Sir or Madam, dear Sir/Madam Muy Sres. míos (when sex of addressee is unknown)
  • dear Mr Thomas Estimado Sr. Thomas
  • dear Andrew Querido Andrew
  • My dearest Gertrude Queridísima Gertrude
3. caro(a) (expensive)
4. (exclamation)
  • oh dear! ¡vaya!
  • poor dear pobrecito(a)
  • my dear cariño mío, mi amor
  • be a dear and… sé bueno y…
  • an old dear (familiar) una viejecita
5. caro (to buy, sell)
  • it cost me dear (sentido figurado) me costó muy caro
dear [dɪəʳ]
dearer (comparative)dearest (superlative)
1 (loved) querido
she's a very dear friend of mine es una amiga mía muy querida; my dearest friend mi amigo más querido; mi amigo del alma
at last I'm back in my dear little house I loved my dear old grandad
2 (lovable)
he's a dear boy, but rather impetuous es un chico muy majo, pero un poco impulsivo; what a dear little boy! ¡este niño es un encanto!; what a dear little necklace that is! ¡qué bonita que es esa gargantilla!
3 (precious)
to hold sth dear apreciar algo
the values and beliefs which our society holds dear los valores y las creencias que nuestra sociedad aprecia; I had to leave everything I held most dear tuve que dejar atrás todas las cosas que más quería
Eames lost all that he held dear with the deaths of his friends Labour has dumped just about all it held dear a decade ago Our public services, education, the things we hold dear, are all disintegrating
his family life was very dear to him su familia era muy importante para él
your country is very dear to me tengo su país en mucha estima; it is a subject dear to her heart es uno de sus temas preferidos
to be dear to sb's heart this subject is very dear to the hearts of academics for dear [life] she clung on to the boat for dear life she was crying and hanging on to him for dear life
4 (in letter writing)
Dear Daddy Querido papá; Dear Peter Estimado Peter; (to closer friend) Querido Peter; Dear Mr/Mrs Smith Estimado Sr./Estimada Sra. Smith; (more formally) Distinguido Sr./Distinguida Sra. Smith; Dear Mr and Mrs Smith Estimados señores (de) Smith
Dear Madam Estimada Señora; Muy señora mía; De mi/nuestra consideración; especially (LAm)
Dear Sir(s) Estimado(s) Señor(es); Muy señor(es) mío(s); De mi/nuestra consideración; especially (LAm)
Dear Sir or Madam Estimado Señor(a)
5 (form of address) querido
my dear fellow, I won't hear of it amigo mío or mi querido amigo, ni se le ocurra; my dear girl, nothing could be further from the truth querida, estás muy equivocada
of course, my dear fellow, of course take as long as you like, dear boy my dear girl, how could you be so silly! Eddie, dear boy, could you pass me that book?
6 (expensive) [+product, shop, price] caro
they're too dear their policies will result in dearer mortgages organic vegetables are up to three times dearer things are getting dearer all the time dearer mortgages would cripple the housing market
dear money (Economics) dinero (m) caro
oh dear!, dear me!, dear, dear!
dear, dear, have you hurt your knee? ¡ay, mi niño! ¿te has hecho daño en la rodilla?
dear me, it's nearly one o'clock! ¡madre mía, es casi la una!
oh dear, we're going to be late vaya hombre or vaya por Dios, vamos a llegar tarde
dear, oh dear, look at the mess you're in! ay, Dios mío or qué horror, ¡mira qué desastre vienes hecho!
(as form of address) cariño (m)
come along, dear ven, cariño
don't do that please, dear it's on the table, dear esp to children to adult, child that'll be 40 pence please, dear
would you be a dear and pass me my book? anda, sé bueno y pásame el libro
be a dear and pass me the salt be a dear and phone him
(you) poor dear! ¡pobrecito!
he's such a dear es un cielo; es un encanto
[+sell, buy, pay] caro
it cost me dear me costó caro
such complacency is costing the company dear
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