1. (in cardgame) 
a. jugador que reparte 
2. (commerce) 
a. el comerciante (M)la comerciante (F) 
3. (in drugs) 
a. el traficante (M)la traficante (F) 
art dealermarchante de arte
dealer [ˈdiːləʳ]
1 (Comm) comerciante (m);in de; (in cattle, horses) tratante (m);in de; (retailer) (gen) distribuidoradistribuidora (m) (f);a distribuidora proveedoraproveedora (m) (f);a proveedora (in cars) concesionarioaconcesionaria (m) (f);a concesionaria
your local Honda dealer su concesionario Honda más próximo; he's a dealer in stolen goods es comerciante de mercancías robadas
Were you ever taken in by a glib-tongued dealer or salesperson? the largest dealer of used and out-of-print books in the U.S.A If you're a dealer and you're caught with pot, you get sent away for just as long as if it were heroin Your Buick dealer is best equipped to obtain parts When an Apple dealer reported an order,it would trigger assembly of the product the printout lists the name of the recommended dealer in your area he is an authorized Singer dealer a Swiss-based commodities dealer He was now on his way to see an arms dealer in Istanbul Uzi was an international arms dealer who specialized in sales to Iran he was accused of being an arms dealer and helping the Israeli secret service
a major London currency dealer un importante agente de cambio londinense; he's a property/second-hand car dealer se dedica a la compraventa de propiedades/coches de segunda mano
scrap metal dealer
2 (Cards) repartidorarepartidora (m) (f) de cartas;a repartidora
the dealer gave him a nine el que repartía le dio un nueve
he got a job as a dealer in the new casino
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