1. (agreement) 
After hours of negotiation, the two sides signed a deal.Después de horas de negociación, las dos partes firmaron un acuerdo.
b. el trato (M) 
We made a deal, you can't back out now.Hicimos un trato, ahora no puedes echarte atrás.
2. (transaction) 
a. el trato (M) 
Our best salesman has closed 15 deals this quarter.Nuestro mejor vendedor ha cerrado 15 tratos este trimestre.
The deal isn't complete until the payment is made.La transacción no está completa hasta que se realice el pago.
3. (bargain) 
a. la ganga (F) 
Three dollars for a pair of socks? What a deal!¡Tres dólares por un par de calcetines? ¡Qué ganga!
4. (treatment) 
a. el trato (M) 
Prisoners received a reasonable deal.Los prisioneros recibieron un trato aceptable.
5. (cards) 
a. no direct translation 
Now it's my deal.Ahora me toca repartir a mí.
Shall we play one game more? - Ok. Whose deal?¿Jugamos una partida más? - Vale. ¿A quién le toca dar?
6. (pine wood) 
All our tables are made out of deal.Todas nuestras mesas son de madera de pino.
transitive verb
7. (cards) 
a. repartir 
You can't look at your cards until I have dealt all of them.No pueden mirar las cartas hasta que yo las haya repartido todas.
8. (to sell) 
He deals drugs for a living.Se gana la vida traficando con drogas.
He ended up in jail for dealing stolen merchandise.Está en la cárcel por comerciar con mercancías robadas.
9. (to inflict) 
a. asestar 
Its leader's inprisonment dealt a mortal blow to the cause.El encarcelamiento del líder asestó un golpe mortal a la causa.
b. propinar 
She dealt him a tremendous blow with the poker.Le propinó un golpe tremendo con el atizador.
intransitive verb
10. (cards) 
a. repartir 
Shuffle the cards before dealing.Baraja las cartas antes de repartirlas.
b. dar 
It's my turn to deal.Me toca dar.
11. (to handle) 
I'll deal with dinner the moment I finish what I'm doing.Me ocuparé de la cena en cuanto acabe lo que estoy haciendo.
1. (agreement) 
a. el acuerdo (M) 
2. (in business) 
a. el trato (M) 
to do a dealhacer un trato
it's a deal!¡trato hecho!
to get a good/bad dealrecibir un buen/mal trato
3. (ironic fam) 
a. no direct translation 
big deal!¡vaya cosa!
4. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
it's no big deal¡no es nada!, ¡no es para tanto!
5. (amount) 
a. no direct translation 
a good or great dealmucho
not a great dealno mucho
to have a great deal to dotener mucho que hacer
a good or great deal of my timegran parte de mi tiempo
6. (in cards) 
a. no direct translation 
your dealte toca repartir or dar
transitive verb
7. (cards) 
a. repartir, dar 
to deal somebody/something a blowdar un golpe a alguien/algo
intransitive verb
8. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to deal in leather/sharescomerciar con pieles/acciones
to deal in drugstraficar con drogas
deal [diːl] dealt (past)
1 (agreement) acuerdo (m); trato (m)
a new deal for the miners un nuevo acuerdo salarial para los mineros; we're looking for a better deal buscamos un arreglo más equitativo
Mr Bush and John Major wanted a deal by January
it's a deal! ¡trato hecho!
to do or make a deal with sb hacer un trato con algn; llegar a un acuerdo con algn
let's make a deal we made a deal - you can't back out now this government does not make deals with terrorists they offered to do a deal on the price of the house Japan will have to do a deal with America on rice imports for a settlement out of court you're not getting out of here until we make a deal to [strike] a deal with sb it's now known that the Reagan administration struck a deal with Iran the informer managed to strike a deal with the police
the New Deal (US) (Pol) la nueva política económica de los EE.UU. aplicada por Roosevelt entre 1933 y 1940
pay deal acuerdo (m) salarial
it's a done deal especially (US) es cosa hecha or segura; está atado y bien atado
2 (transaction) trato (m); transacción (f)
the company lost thousands of pounds on the deal la empresa perdió miles de libras con ese trato or en esa transacción
arms deal venta (f) de armas
he was accused of being involved in covert arms deals with the Saudis the supposedly secret arms deal was now public knowledge
big deal! ¡vaya cosa!
he only asked me out for a drink, what's the big deal? solo me invitó a tomar algo por ahí, ¿qué tiene eso de raro?; this sort of thing happens every day, it's no big deal estas cosas pasan todos los días, no es nada del otro mundo
"I'm going to Mexico next week" — "big deal!" "they offered me £200 compensation — big deal!" "I had to have a filling at the dentist" — "big deal!"
business deal (between companies, countries) acuerdo (m) or trato (m) comercial; (by individual) negocio (m)
several US companies are expected to sign business deals during Yeltsin's visit he was involved in shady business deals with his former campaign treasurer he lost much of his estimated Pounds 60 million fortune in a series of disastrous business deals in the Eighties the band were struggling along without a record deal he needs a few thousand pounds to close the deal he got himself a sponsorship deal with a brewery
to make a big deal (out) of sth dar mucha or demasiada importancia a algo
I tried not to make a big deal out of it but I was really annoyed intenté no darle mucha or demasiada importancia pero estaba muy enfadado; don't make such a big deal out of it! ¡no hagas una montaña de un grano de arena!
some people make a big deal out of sexual preference she'd stopped smoking, and she made a big deal of it
3 (treatment) trato (m)
a bad/fair/good deal un trato malo/justo/bueno
homeowners are getting a bad deal from this government los propietarios de viviendas están saliendo malparados con este gobierno; working women are not getting a fair deal las mujeres que trabajan no están recibiendo un trato justo
he got a bad/fair deal from them the people of Liverpool have had a bad deal for many years
4 (bargain) ganga (f)
they are offering good deals on flights to Australia tienen viajes a Australia a muy buen precio
I got a really good deal at the car auction
5 (amount)
he had a deal of work to do tenía mucho trabajo que hacer
a good deala great deal mucho
a good or great deal of money una gran cantidad de dinero; mucho dinero; it can save you a good deal of time te puede ahorrar mucho tiempo; there's a good deal of truth in what you say hay mucho de verdad en lo que dices; she's a good deal cleverer than her brother es mucho or bastante más inteligente que su hermano; she knew a great deal about him sabía muchas cosas sobre él
you and I have a great deal in common
"does he get out much?" — "not a great deal" —¿sale mucho? —no mucho or demasiado; it means a great deal to me significa mucho para mí; he thinks a great deal of his father admira mucho a su padre
he depended a great deal on his wife for support he'd never met him but he knew a great deal about him
the new law will not make a great deal of difference to the homeless la nueva ley apenas va a afectar a la gente sin hogar
it cost a great deal of money a great good deal [of]
6 (Cards) (distribution) reparto (m)
whose deal is it? ¿a quién le toca dar or repartir?
I was too late for the deal, and missed the hand he shuffled the cards, ready for the deal is it my deal? it was your deal last time
transitive verb
1 [+blow] asestar; dar
to deal a blow to sth/sb ser un golpe para algo/algn; the news dealt a severe blow to their hopes/the economy la noticia fue un duro golpe para sus esperanzas/la economía
the demise of the Soviet Union dealt a blow to communism worldwide
2 (Cards) dar; repartir
I was dealt a very bad hand (at cards) me dieron una mano malísima; (had bad luck) tuve muy mala suerte
woeful people who've been dealt a bad hand; They have been dealt a very bad hand through no fault of their own. It enabled her, after my father died, to bring up five children on her own, and not feel that she had been dealt a bad hand by life—HC I was dealt two kings he dealt each player a card, face down he was caught dealing drugs in the street
intransitive verb
(Cards) dar; repartir
it's your turn to deal am I dealing?
deal [diːl]
1 (wood) (pine) madera (f) de pino; (fir) madera (f) de abeto
2 (plank) tablón (m); (beam) viga (f)
a deal table una mesa de pino
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