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This word may also be spelled “day care” or "day-care."
1. (facility) 
a. la guardería (F) (for children) 
Stephanie takes her daughter to daycare before going to work.Stephanie lleva a su hija a la guardería antes de ir a trabajar.
b. el centro de atención diurna (M) (for adults) 
I'm going to drop Grandpa off at daycare on my way to work.Voy a dejar el abuelo en el centro de atención diurna camino al trabajo.
2. (service) 
My work provides on-site daycare.Mi trabajo ofrece un servicio de guardería infantil.
b. la atención diurna (F) (for adults) 
Budgets for daycare for the disabled have been significantly cut by the present administration.Los presupuestos para la atención diurna a los minusválidos han sufrido cortes importantes en este gobierno.
daycare [ˈdeɪkɛəʳ]
(for children) servicio (m) de guardería
Daycare enables women to get involved in other activities ...but because it was full-time, it would mean putting my children in daycare
(for adults) servicio (m) asistencial durante el día
approximately forty places in adult daycare would be required
daycare centre daycare center (US) (n) (for children) guardería (f); (for adults) centro (m) (asistencial) de día
daycare services (n) (Britain) (for children) servicios (m) de guardería; (for adults) servicios (m) asistenciales durante el día
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daycare center
la guardería
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