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darse [dar’-say]
verb reflexive
1. To yield, to cease resistance, to give in.
  • Darse awith noun or infinitive, to execute quickly or repeatedly the action of the verb
2. To give oneself up to virtue or vice.
3. Darse a la vela.
4. to surrender at discretion, in hunting (pájaros), to halt fatigued. (Military)
5. To concern, to interest.
  • Darse por vencidoto surrender
  • Me doy por vencidoI give it up
  • Darse las manosto shake hands
  • Darse mañato manage one’s affairs in an able manner; to contrive
  • Darse prisato make haste, to hasten, to accelerate
  • Darse una panzada(Coll.) to be fed to satiety and sickness
  • Darse una vueltato scrutinize one’s own conduct, to find out one’s own faults
  • Si se da el casoif that happens
  • El cultivo se da bien este añothe crop is coming on well this year
  • Darse por perdidoto give oneself up for lost
  • Se le dan muy bien las matemáticasshe’s pretty good at maths
  • Dársela a unoto fool somebody
(Naut.) to set sail.
Verb Conjugations for dar
Gerund: dando
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
yome doyme dime dabame daríame daré
te daste distete dabaste daríaste darás
él/ella/Ud.se dase diose dabase daríase dará
nosotrosnos damosnos dimosnos dábamosnos daríamosnos daremos
vosotrosos daisos disteisos dabaisos daríaisos daréis
ellos/ellas/Uds.se danse dieronse dabanse daríanse darán
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