dar la espalda

dar la espalda
transitive verb phrase
1. (not to be facing) 
Siento darte la espalda, pero, si no, no veo bien la pantalla.I'm sorry I have my back to you, but otherwise I can't see the screen well.
Nos estás dando la espalda, ¿por qué no te sientas en esa otra silla?You've got your back to us, why don't you sit on that other chair?
Si te sientas dando la espalda a la lámpara, no te molestará tanto la luz.If you sit facing away from the lamp, the light won't annoy you so much.
2. (to move so as to not be facing) 
No le gustó lo que le dije, y sencillamente me dio la espalda.She didn't like what I said to her, and she just turned her back on me.
Laura nos dio la espalda porque no quería que la viéramos llorar.Laura turned away from us because she didn't want us to see her crying.
3. (figurative) (to refuse help) 
a. to turn one's back on (figurative) 
Me di cuenta de que no era un amigo de verdad. Me dio la espalda cuando más lo necesité.I realized he wasn't a real friend. He turned his back on me when I most needed him.
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