dar bolilla a

dar bolilla a
transitive verb phrase
1. (general) (Argentina) (Paraguay) (Uruguay) 
¡Felipe dijo que el nuevo corte de pelo me queda mal! - No le des bolilla a lo que diga, no tiene ni la menor idea.Felipe said my new hair style doesn't suit me! - Don't listen to what he says; he hasn't got a clue!
¡Me empapé! Se largó a llover con todo, y no tenía paraguas. - Te dije que iba a llover, pero nunca me das bolilla.I got soaked! It started raining hard, and I didn't have an umbrella. - I told you it was going to rain, but you never listen to me.
dar bolilla
intransitive verb phrase
2. (general) (Argentina) (Paraguay) (Uruguay) 
Le digas lo que le digas, no da bolilla y hace lo que se le ocurre.No matter what you say to him, he doesn't take any notice and he does whatever he wants.
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