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1. baile (m)
  • to lead somebody a (merry) dance (familiar) traer a alguien al retortero or a mal traer
  • dance band orquesta (f) de baile
  • dance floor pista (f) de baile
  • dance hall salón (m) de baile
  • dance music música (f) de baile or de discoteca
transitive verb
2. bailar
  • to dance attendance on somebody atender servilmente a alguien
intransitive verb
3. bailar
  • they danced down the road bajaron la calle dando brincos
dance [dɑːns]
1 (act) baile (m); (art of dancing) danza (f); baile (m)
dance of death danza (f) de la muerte
to lead sb a (merry) dance (Britain) traer loco a algn
2 (event) baile (m)
transitive verb
to dance attendance on sb desvivirse por algn
intransitive verb
bailar; (artistically) bailar; danzar; (skip) saltar; brincar
shall we dance? ¿quieres bailar?; to dance about (with pain, joy etc) saltar; to dance for joy saltar or brincar de alegría
to dance to sb's tune bailar al son que algn toca
I reproached trade union leaders for pandering to managers and dancing to their tune I know the cathedral has to raise cash somehow. But the danger of commercialism is that the churches end up dancing to the tune of their big business sponsors
dance band (n) orquesta (f) de baile
dance class (n) clase (f) de baile
I hated my Saturday morning dance classes
dance floor (n) pista (f) de baile
dance hall (n) salón (m) de baile; sala (f) de fiestas
dance music (n) música (f) de baile
Verb Conjugations for bailar
Gerund: bailando
Participle: bailado
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