Dairy in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. lechería (f) (shop); central (f) lechera (factory)
  • dairy cow vaca (f) lechera
  • dairy farm vaquería (f)
  • dairy farming industria (f) lechera
  • dairy produce productos mpl lácteos
dairy [ˈdɛərɪ]
(shop) lechería (f); (on farm) vaquería (f);
[+products] lácteo
dairy butter (n) mantequilla (f) casera
dairy cattle dairy cows (n) vacas (f) lecheras
dairy farm (n) granja (f) de productos lácteos
dairy farmer (n) ganaderoaganadera (m) (f) de vacuno de leche;a ganadera
dairy farming (n) industria (f) láctera; industria (f) lactaria
dairy herd (n) ganado (m) lechero
dairy ice cream (n) helado (m) de nata
dairy produce (n) productos (m) lácteos
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