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cuyo, -a
1. whose (posesión) (por parte de personas) ; of which, whose (por parte de cosas)
  • ésos son los amigos en cuya casa nos hospedamos those are the friends in whose house we spent the night
  • ese señor, cuyo, -a hijo conociste ayer that man, whose son you met yesterday
  • un equipo cuya principal estrella… a team, the star player of which o whose star player…
  • en cuyo, -a caso in which case
1 [+de persona] of whom (formal); whose; [+de cosa] of which; whose
la señora en cuya casa nos hospedábamos the lady in whose house we were staying; el asunto cuyos detalles conoces the matter of which you know the details
en cuyo caso in which case; por cuya razón and for this reason
(amante) lover
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