cuya is the feminine form of cuyo and roughly translates to whose.
1. (indicating possession) 
a. whose (living things) 
Este es el perro cuyo dueño vive al lado de mi primo.This is the dog whose owner lives next to my cousin.
b. of which (inanimate objects) 
Este es el libro cuyo primer capítulo está escrito en verso y el resto en prosa.This is the book of which the first chapter is written in poetry and the remaining in prose.
2. (relative) 
a. in which 
Es obligatorio presentar un documento de identidad, a no ser que sea socio, en cuyo caso presentará la tarjeta del club.It is mandatory to present an ID card, unless you are a member, in which case you will present the club card.
masculine noun
3. (animal) (Central America) (Mexico) 
Alicia tenía tres mascotas: un cuyo y dos hámsters.Alicia had three pets: a guinea pig and two hamsters.
1. (posesión; por parte de personas) 
a. whose 
2. (por parte de cosas) 
a. of which, whose 
ésos son los amigos en cuya casa nos hospedamosthose are the friends in whose house we spent the night
ese señor, cuyo hijo conociste ayerthat man, whose son you met yesterday
un equipo cuya principal estrella…a team, the star player of which o whose star player…
en cuyo casoin which case
1 [+de persona] of whom (formal); whose; [+de cosa] of which; whose
la señora en cuya casa nos hospedábamos the lady in whose house we were staying; el asunto cuyos detalles conoces the matter of which you know the details
en cuyo caso in which case; por cuya razón and for this reason
(amante) lover
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