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plural noun
1. aduana (f)
  • to go through customs pasar la aduana
  • customs declaration declaración (f) en la aduana
  • customs duties derechos mpl de aduana
  • customs officer empleado(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) de aduanas
customs [ˈkʌstəmz]
plural noun
aduana (f);(also customs duty) derechos (m) de aduana
to go through (the) customs pasar por la aduana; Customs and Excise (Britain) Aduanas (f) y Arbitrios
customs clearance (n) despacho (m) aduanero
customs declaration (n) declaración (f) aduanera
customs house (n) aduana (f)
customs inspection (n) inspección (f) de aduanas
customs inspector (n) inspectorainspectora (m) (f) de aduanas;a inspectora aduaneroaaduanera (m) (f);a aduanera
customs invoice (n) factura (f) de aduana
customs officer (n) oficial (m) de aduanas; vista (m) (de aduanas); aduaneroaaduanera (m) (f);a aduanera
customs post (n) puesto (m) aduanero
Customs Service (n) (US) aduana (f); servicio (m) aduanero
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