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1. moneda (f) (finanzas)
  • to buy currency comprar divisas
  • foreign currency divisas (f pl)
  • currency market mercado (m) de divisas
2. (sentido figurado)
  • to give currency to a rumor extender un rumor
  • to gain currency extenderse (idea, belief)
currency [ˈkʌrənsɪ]
1 (monetary system, money) moneda (f)
foreign currency moneda (f) extranjera; divisas (f)
2 aceptación (f)
his theory had wide currency in America su teoría tuvo amplia aceptación en América; these things are the currency of everyday life estas cosas son el pan nuestro de cada día
the weapons that are the currency of modern warfare
to gain currency [+views, ideas] darse a conocer; difundirse; it was his writing that gave the term currency el término se dio a conocer gracias a sus escritos
currency market (n) mercado (m) monetario; mercado (m) de divisas
currency note (n) pagaré (m) fiscal; pagaré (m) de tesorería
currency restrictions (n) restricciones (f) monetarias
currency snake (n) serpiente (f) monetaria
currency unit (n) unidad (f) monetaria
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