masculine noun
1. priest
feminine noun
2. recovery (curación)
3. treatment, cure (tratamiento)
  • necesitar una cura de sueño -> to need a good sleep
  • no tener cura -> to be incurable; (ser incurable) to be incorrigible (informal) (ser incorregible)

cura [coo'-rah]
1. Parish priest, rector, curate. (m)
  • Cura párroco -> parish priest
2. In Castile, it is commonly used to denote any clergyman, priest, or parson. (m)
3. Cure, healing, the act and effect of healing or of restoring to health. (f)
  • Primera cura -> first aid
  • Cura de reposo -> rest cure
  • No tiene cura -> there’s no remedy
4. Guardianship. (f)
5. Parsonage, the benefice of a parish. (f)
  • Los derechos de cura -> the dues or fees of a rector, parson, or curate, with a parochial charge

1 (Religión) priest
sí, señor cura yes, father
cura obrero worker priest
cura párroco parish priest
2 (yo mismo) I; myself
este cura yours truly (familiar); no se ofrece este cura this poor devil isn't volunteering
1 (Med) (curación) cure; (tratamiento) treatment
no tiene cura there is no cure for it; there's no remedy; it's quite hopeless; tiene cura it can be cured; it is curable; primera cura first aid
cura de choque shock treatment
cura de reposo rest therapy
cura de sueño sleep therapy
cura de urgencia emergency treatment; first aid
cura de almas (Religión) cure of souls

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