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masculine noun
1. priest
feminine noun
2. recovery (curación)
3. treatment, cure (tratamiento)
  • necesitar una cura de sueño to need a good sleep
  • no tener cura to be incurable; (ser incurable) to be incorrigible (informal) (ser incorregible)
1 (Religión) priest
sí, señor cura yes, father
cura obrero worker priest
cura párroco parish priest
2 (yo mismo) I; myself
este cura yours truly (familiar); no se ofrece este cura this poor devil isn't volunteering
1 (Med) (curación) cure; (tratamiento) treatment
no tiene cura there is no cure for it; there's no remedy; it's quite hopeless; tiene cura it can be cured; it is curable; primera cura first aid
cura de choque shock treatment
cura de reposo rest therapy
cura de sueño sleep therapy
cura de urgencia emergency treatment; first aid
cura de almas (Religión) cure of souls
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