feminine noun
1. butt (de arma)
2. hindquarters (de animal)
3. cylinder head (de motor)

culata [coo-lah’-tah]
1. Breech of a gun, buttend of a musket. (f)
2. Screwpin, which fastens the breech of a gun to the stock. (f)
3. The back part of anything. (f)
  • Dar de culata -> to recoil, among coachmen and carriage makers
  • Dar la culata -> means to lift the back of the vehicle in order to remove it without disturbing the front part
4. (Conno Sur) Shelter, hut. (f)

1 (Mecánica) [de fusil] butt; [de cañón] breech; [de cilindro] head
2 (Zoología) haunch; hindquarters
3 (parte trasera) rear; back
4 (S. Cone) (cobertizo) hut; shelter

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