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1. grito (m) (call) (of person, animal); consigna (f) (in demonstration)
  • to give a crydar un grito
  • a cry of painun grito de dolor
  • a cry for help(sentido figurado) una petición de ayuda
  • it's a far cry from what was promisedno tiene nada que ver con lo que se prometió
2. (weeping)
  • to have a good cryllorar abundantemente
verbo transitivo (pt & pp cried [kraɪd])
3. exclamar (exclaim)
4. (weep)
  • she cried herself to sleeplloró hasta quedarse dormida
intransitive verb
5. llorar (weep)
  • to cry over somethingllorar por algo
  • there's no point in crying over spilled milk(Prov) a lo hecho, pecho
6. gritar (shout, call)
  • to cry for helpgritar pidiendo ayuda
cry [kraɪ]
1 (call, shout) grito (m); (howl) [of animal] aullido (m); [of street vendor] pregón (m)
to give a cry of surprise dar un grito de sorpresa; "jobs, not bombs" was their cry su grito de guerra fue —trabajo , bombas no; a cry for help un grito de socorro or auxilio; una llamada de socorro or auxilio; the hounds were in full cry los perros seguían de cerca la presa; the crowd was in full cry after him la multitud lo perseguía con gritos; the newspapers are in full cry over the scandal la prensa ha puesto el grito en el cielo por el escándalo
it's a far cry from that
2 (watchword) lema (m); slogan (m)
3 (weep) llanto (m)
to have a cry llorar; she had a good cry lloró largamente
intransitive verb
1 (call out, shout) gritar; llamar (en voz alta)
they are crying for his resignation piden a gritos que dimita; he cried (out) with pain dio un grito de dolor; to cry for help/mercy pedir socorro/clemencia a voces
2 (weep) llorar
he was crying for his mother lloraba por su madre; I cried for joy lloraba de alegría; she was crying with rage lloraba de rabia; I laughed till I cried terminé llorando de la risa; I'll give him something to cry about! le voy a dar de qué llorar; to cry over sth llorar por algo
I'm crying over things that happened years ago nowadays she cried over anything Monica Nickell revealed that she didn't cry over Rachel's brutal death on Wimbledon Common a tough guy who cries over a song
it's no good crying over spilt milk a lo hecho, pecho
transitive verb
1 (also cry out) (call) gritar; [+warning] lanzar a gritos; [+wares] pregonar
to cry o.s. to sleep llorar hasta dormirse
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Gerund: llorando
Participle: llorado
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