1. (large number of people) 
a. la muchedumbre f, multitud (F) 
2. (at soccer match) 
a. el público (M) 
3. (fig) 
to stand out from the crowddestacar, sobresalir
4. (fig) 
to follow the crowddejarse llevar por la masa
to be a crowd pulleratraer a las masas
crowd sceneescena f de masas
5. (colloquial) 
a. la pandilla (F) (group) 
b. la bola (F) (Mexico) 
c. la barra (F) (River Plate) 
the usual crowd were thereestaba la gente de siempre, estaban los de siempre
transitive verb
6. (general) 
a. atestar, abarrotar 
intransitive verb
7. (general) 
to crowd (together)apiñarse, amontonarse
to crowd round somebodyapiñarse en torno de alguien
crowd [kraʊd]
1 (mass of people) multitud (f); muchedumbre (f)
he disappeared into the crowd desapareció entre la multitud or la muchedumbre or el gentío; she lost him in the crowd lo perdió de vista entre la multitud or la muchedumbre or el gentío; crowds of people una multitud de gente; there was quite a crowd había bastante gente; they always go round in a crowd siempre salen en grupo
a huge crowd gathered in the square it took two hours to disperse the crowd troops opened fire on a crowd of protesters
accidents always draw a crowd los accidentes siempre atraen a un gentío; she's the sort of person who stands out in a crowd es la típica persona que (se) destaca en un grupo de gente
it got mixed up with a crowd of other papers there was a whole crowd of books all over the floor the note was lost in a crowd of pieces of paper on the board
2 (spectators) público (m); espectadores (m)
a crowd of 10,000 watched the parade 10.000 espectadores presenciaron el desfile
\the crowd surged forward\ when a goal was scored the noise of the crowd was deafening
the away/home crowd (Ftbl) los seguidores del equipo visitante/de casa; the match drew a big crowd el partido atrajo mucho público; he certainly draws the crowds [+performer] no cabe duda de que atrae mucho público
3 (social group) gente (f)
I don't like that crowd at all esa gente no me gusta nada; she got in with a nice crowd at work se juntó con (una) gente maja en el trabajo; all the old crowd have come out for the occasion la antigua pandilla ha salido para celebrar la ocasión
4 (common people)
the crowd: she's just one of the crowd es del montón; to follow the crowd dejarse llevar por los demás or por la corriente; he likes to stand out from the crowd le gusta distinguirse de los demás
transitive verb
1 (fill) [+place] atestar; llenar
demonstrators crowded the streets los manifestantes atestaron or llenaron las calles; new buildings crowd the narrow lanes of the old town los nuevos edificios se apiñan en los estrechos callejones del casco viejo; the thoughts that crowded her mind los pensamientos que le inundaban la mente
don't crowd the pan - fry a few at a time antique dealers crowd the showrooms each week people crowded the aisles of the supermarket at Christmas it's mainly women and children who crowd doctors' waiting rooms to crowd a place [with]
2 (squeeze, force) apiñar
things into a place
they crowded the prisoners into trucks apiñaron a los prisioneros en unos camiones
a group of journalists were crowded into a minibus
3 (press against) empujar
they crowded me against the wall me empujaron contra la pared
they started crowding me against a line of cars so then he, this man, started crowding her. Back against the wall drug-dealers crowded him off the pavements
4 (harass) agobiar
I do things at my own pace, so don't crowd me deja de agobiarme, me gusta trabajar a mi ritmo
I feel as if you're crowding me when you question me all the time I think my mother-in-law would rather I didn't crowd her until it's necessary - she prefers to be mistress in her own kitchen it had been a tense day, with people crowding her all the time
intransitive verb
(gather together) apiñarse
they crowded at the window to see him se apiñaron en la ventana para verlo; to crowd in entrar en tropel; memories crowded in on me me inundó una ola de recuerdos; dense vegetation crowded in on both sides of the road la vegetación crecía espesa a ambos lados de la carretera; I feel as if everything's crowding in on me me siento desbordado por todo; we all crowded into her little flat todos nos metimos en su pisito, abarrotándolo de gente; thousands of people have crowded into the capital miles de personas han llegado en tropel a la capital
party workers chanted as they crowded in the main hall
to crowd around or round sth/sb apiñarse alrededor de algo/algn
he lay on the pavement as people crowded around they crowded round the television set the hungry refugees crowded around the tractors police blocked off the road as hotel staff and guests crowded around they crowded [together] near the door
crowd control (n) control (m) de masas
crowd scene (n) (Cine) (Teat) escena (f) masiva or multitudinaria
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