cross over

cross over
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to change sides) 
a. pasarse 
The country singer crossed over into pop.La cantante country se pasó a la música pop.
2. (to go from one side to the other) 
a. cruzar 
The bar is on the other side of the street. - Should we cross over?El bar está al otro lado de la calle. - ¿Cruzamos?
transitive verb
3. (to go from one side to the other) 
a. cruzar 
Once you cross over the bridge, you'll see a gas station.En cuanto cruces el puente, verás una gasolinera.
cross over
(cross the road) cruzar; (change sides) cambiar de chaqueta; ser un/una tránsfuga;
intransitive verb
[+road] cruzar; [+bridge] cruzar; pasar;
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