feminine noun
1. nursing, breastfeeding (de bebé)
2. breeding, rearing (de animales)
3. vintage (del vino)
  • vino de crianza -> vintage wine
4. breeding (educación)

crianza [cre-ahn’-thah]
1. Creation, act of creating. (f)
2. Lactation. (f)
3. Breeding, manners, education, nursery. (f)
  • Dar crianza -> to breed, to educate, to bring up
  • Mala crianza -> bad breeding
  • Sin crianza -> ill-bred

1 (Agr) (actividad) rearing; (para la reproducción) breeding;
2 (Med) lactation
3 [de vinos] vintage
vinos de crianza vintage wines
4 (educación) breeding
mala crianza lack of breeding; sin crianza ill-bred
Quality Spanish wine is often graded Crianza, Reserva or Gran Reserva according to the length of bottle-ageing and barrel-ageing it has undergone. Crianza wines are in their third year, reds having spent at least twelve months in cask and whites six.
note See culture box in entry reserva.

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