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1. nata (f) (of milk) (español de España)crema (f) (de leche) (Am)
  • cream of tomato/chicken soup crema (f) de tomate or jitomate/pollo (español de México)
  • cream cake pastel (m) de nata or (español de España) crema (Am)
  • cream cheese queso (m) blanco para untar
2. (sentido figurado)
  • the cream la flor y nata (best part)
3. crema (f) (lotion)
  • face/hand cream crema facial/de manos
4. (color (m) ) crema (m) (color)
  • cream(-colored) (color) crema
transitive verb
5. batir (cocina) (beat)
cream [kriːm]
1 (on milk) nata (f); crema (f); (LAm)
cream of tartar crémor (m) tártaro; cream of tomato soup sopa (f) de crema de tomate; cream of wheat (US) sémola (f)
2 flor (f) y nata; crema (f)
the cream of society la flor y nata de la sociedad; the cream of the crop lo mejor de lo mejor
The show features the cream of the crop of this year's graduates in photography, film and video The cream of the British crop, the literary dramas that are shown on US public television, make up a relatively small part of British air time
3 (lotion) (for face, shoes etc) crema (f); pomada (f)
shoe cream betún (m); face cream crema (f) para la cara
1 (cream-coloured) color crema
2 (made with cream) de nata or crema; (LAm)
transitive verb
1 [+milk] desnatar; descremar; (LAm) [+butter] batir
2 (also cream together) (mix) batir
creamed potatoes puré (m) de patatas or papas; (LAm)
3 (US) [+enemy, opposing team] arrollar; aplastar
to cream one's pants correrse sin querer (vulgar)
Oh wow! They're from the inner city and they swear a bit but, like, they read The Guardian and — Ooh, I've creamed my pants ... the kind of indigenous rock the BPI creams its corporate pants over
cream cake (n) pastel (m) de nata or crema; (LAm)
cream cheese (n) queso (m) crema
cream cracker (n) galleta (f) de soda
cream puff (n) petisú (m); pastel (m) de nata or crema; (LAm)
cream soda (n) gaseosa (f) de vainilla
cream tea (n) (Britain) merienda en cafetería que suele constar de té, bollos, mermelada y nata
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